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At Douglasdale Nursery School we offer a rich and holistic teaching environment where learners are not only taught to play but are also provided with the correct foundation to enable them to be further developed in primary school. Elsa van Niekerk our principal has ensured for the last four decades that learners have been afforded the opportunity to learn in a safe and specialized environment which guarantees their academic, social and physical development. Not only has she ensured that learners are nurtured, she has also remained enthusiastic about child development and continues to push and drive her staff to better themselves through continuous development. At Douglasdale Nursery School we ensure through small classes that each child is provided with individual attention thus ensuring they always have access to help throughout their development at the school.

Operating Hours

07:00 – 14:00 Half day

07:00 – 17:30 Full day

School Terms

Douglasdale Nursery School is a private institution; however we follow the government school terms.

Our Educators

At Douglasdale Nursery School we provide highly qualified and experienced educators, all of whom have the necessary skills to ensure your child is provided with the highest quality of teaching available. All our educators are First Aid qualified and have been trained in their respective age categories. Where required educators are provided with assistants to again ensure all learners are provided with the correct and necessary attention.

Year 1 – 2   : Teacher Elaine

Year 2 – 3   : Teacher Sarah

Grade 000  : Teacher Gail

Grade 00    : Teacher Ashly

Grade R     : Teacher Loren

Professional and Medical Assessments

At Douglasdale Nursery School we pride ourselves in being thorough in our assessments and examinations. During the school year each learner will have their ears and eyes tested by an Orthoptist and Audiologist. Douglasdale  Nursery School engages closely with Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and Speech Therapists where required and can be done during school hours.


At Douglasdale Nursery School the security of our learners is treated with the highest regard. The school is situated in a highly secure boomed off area. All parents are provided with a code for access and no learner will leave without a parent or a parents pre-written consent.

Extra Mural Activities – (optional)

At Douglasdale Nursery School we believe in providing our learners with a holistic development programme, by offering optional extra murals to all of our learners.

These activities include:

Music-Box – Learners are taught rhythm, team work as well as being provided the                                                opportunity to allow their imaginations to be expanded and developed. The  benefits of music teaching can be seen later in life and have been known to  benefit learners in both maths and science. http://www.music-box.co.za/

Catrobatkidz  – Gymnastics for kids, this learning enables learners to gain various skills both                                    physical and mental through teaching of various movements and                                                      techniques. http://www.catrobatkidz.com/

Soccer Stars       -At Soccer Stars learners will engage in developing their ball skills which will not                                only develop their hand and eye co-ordination but also ensure that learners are  provided the opportunity to engage in team sports and learn to interact in a  group.

Karate  – Learners will gain the discipline of learning karate, they will be enriched                                            through group and team work but also learn self control and the management of fine and gross motor co-ordination. They will be taught by a highly skilled and  experienced Sensei who specializes in training nursery school pupils in the art of  karate.

Ballet  – The advantages of ballet are endless, learners learn to control their fine and gross motor co-ordination, but also learn discipline through the learning of dance sequencing.

Outings / Cultural Development

At Douglasdale Nursery School we believe in the enrichment of learners through a holistic teaching approach. Douglasdale Nursery School provides termly outings and/or cultural activities. Some of these include, introductions to Wildlife, Theatre Productions and exposure to themed topics.

Nutritious Meals  

Douglasdale Nursery School believes that no child can learn when hungry. We provide nutritious home cooked meals which are freshly cooked on a daily basis. all meals are included in the fees.

07:30 – Early-birds Breakfast

10:30 – Snack

12:30 – Hot freshly cooked lunch

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