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Our services include:

– Hearing screening and tests

– Selection and fitting of hearing aids

– Free seven-day trials of the latest hearing systems

– Checking, cleaning and fine-tuning hearing aids

– Appointments in the comfort of your own home

– Hearing protection devices (For musicians, industrial noise and swimming)

– Close co-operation with Ear, Nose and Throat specialists

– Free home visits

The process of obtaining a hearing aid:
  • 1Make an appointment to have a quick free hearing assessment at Hearsense, to see if you have a problem.
  • 2You may need to see your doctor to rule out correctable causes of hearing loss, such as earwax build-up, infection or other medical problem.
  • 3If you show signs of hearing loss, Hearsense will arrange for your hearing to be fully tested by one of our hearing specialists. The audiologist will use modern technology to assess your exact level of hearing loss and assess what aid you need.
  • 4The Audiologist may take an impression of your ear canal, choose the most appropriate aid and adjust the device to fit.
  • 5You have the option of a trial period. Hearing aids need an adaptation period. It may take you a while to get used to the device.
  • 6Our hearing aids include a warranty that covers both parts and labour for a specified period of time.
  • 7Plan for the expense. The cost of hearing aids varies widely and some medical aids cover more than others, so check what your policy covers. Talk to our audiologists about your needs and financial options. If cost is an issue, good instruments are available at reasonable prices.
Adapting to a hearing aid

Getting used to a hearing aid takes time. Your listening skills should improve gradually as you become accustomed to amplification. The sound you hear is different because it’s amplified. In time you will adjust to the device and enjoy your enhanced ability to hear and communicate better in a variety of situations.


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