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Riverview’s program is psychotherapeutically based and incorporates the best of traditional and modern approaches. The focus of the intensive program is on equipping our clients with life skills vital to a sustained recovery. Extensive attention has been given to updating the program to ensure its standard of excellence and to maintain its relevance in changing times. Our therapeutic program is designed to effectively deal with dual diagnosis.Our groups are practically orientated, interactive and use small group discussion and experiential learning techniques. This gives our clients an opportunity to share their experiences and to practice new behavioural styles in our safe environment.

There is a focus on interpersonal learning and self-development. Daily group therapy sessions are facilitated and our clients are given thorough exposure to relapse-prevention training.

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Riverview’s program is psychotherapeutically


Individual therapy

Each client is assigned to a psychologist who will see him or her on an individual basis at least twice per week.


12 Steps

A 12-step program has been adapted from the Minnesota Model, to incorporate not only alcohol abuse, but also drug addiction, eating disorders, depression and stress. It is offered as a tool to help understand why some problems develop, explores the impact that it has on their lives, and to assist our clients in their recovery


Group Therapy

Daily client group therapy is facilitated by two psychologists


Life Skills

By developing effective stress management techniques, assertive communication skills and constructive conflict management strategies we aim to equip our clients with life skills vital to sustained recovery.



This provides a more relaxed environment for our clients to develop or re-explore their creativity, thus encouraging ways to use leisure time and recreation.


Relapse Prevention

Clients are encouraged to identify the lifestyle changes they need to make to manage their illness. They are encouraged to develop a plan of action on how to integrate these changes into their current home, work and social environment.


Medical Lectures

These groups are designed to educate our clients about the common medical conditions affecting long-term mental and physical health



Our clients are given the opportunity to reflect or journal at the end of each day. This is an important tool for integrating what has been learnt that day, and something we encourage for future recovery.



lients are taught relaxation techniques to counteract the effects of stress on the body and mind.


Lifestyle Management

The dangers of malnutrition through abuse of alcohol, drugs, depression and eating disorders are discussed. Clients are encouraged to invest in their health, making the necessary changes towards a healthier diet and lifestyle.



Understanding change, family and relationships, cognitive behavioral therapy, boundaries and responsibility groups all assist our clients in developing healthy relationships, making sustained recovery possible.



Academic research shows that this is an important aspect of recovery. Clients are encouraged to explore their spirituality which has often been a neglected area of their lives.



Weather permitting, clients are taken to a local picnic area every Saturday. Clients are given the opportunity to hike, fish, tube, swim or just relax in the beautiful surrounds of Underberg. Horse riding can be arranged according to suitability.


Physical Activities

Riverview is equipped with a gym and small swimming pool for hot summer days. We offer early morning walks.

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