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Wet ‘n Wild Slides

1. Mamba (Tunnel Tube Ride): With the Mamba ? Tunnel ride you?re in for a thrilling experience. On entering the jaws of the dark cavern, you?re taken on a roller ? coaster ride around 4.5 m radius curves at a gut ?wrenching +- 4m / second (+- 13 second). The thrill of this ride will keep you coming back for more. Not for the faint hearted.

2. Squid (Midi Supertube): This ride has a 3m radius on the curves, giving the rider accelerated movement through the bends, ending with an exciting exit into the safe, round pool. The dual loading system and dual application as a tube and / or body rides is another advantage of this ride. Sometimes referred to as the ?washing machine.? Enjoyed by all age groups.

3. Cuda (Supertube) The RR2000 Supertube Ride is one of the most popular rides among the serious riders. The 2m diameter allows this ride to be used as a tube and / or body ride. The triple play action of the overround flume design, high water volume and 2 m diameter flume gives riders incredible freedom of movement.

4. Zoom Zoom (Multi Lane Racer) This ride is ridden with mats or tubes. Feel the need to race your friends, then the Zoom Zoom Racer is designed for you. Humps at various stages in the ride increases the excitement value and gives riders that ?Lift Off ?feeling .The ride ends in a pool at the exit point.

5. Torpedo (Kamikaze Speed Slide) Designed for the speed freaks, you?ll feel as if you?re sliding on air. Let this ride take you to levels of excitement you?ve never experienced before .Not for the aged.

6. Plunge (Free Fall Slide) This slide is guaranteed to get the adrenalin pumping. Your heart will skip a beat as you suddenly plummet to the safe shutdown lane below. The ultimate in speed slide entertainment. This slide must be ridden feet first, legs crossed and on your back.

7. Jika Jika (Family Rafter) This ride is designed for families or groups of people who want to share the experience together. It allows for up to 6 people to ride in the same raft. The combination of the flume design together with the rubber rails on the raft causes the raft to grip the sides of the flume, resulting in a spinning motion. A special lifting system has been designed to lift the rafts onto the conveyor belt system and transport the rafts back to the top of the ride.

8. Toti Splash (Kiddies Slides) This ride is a kiddies delight! Specially designed for very small children (6yrs and under). The mini slide is wide enough for adults, allowing you the parent to share the experience with your kids.

9. Fast River Ride The Fast River ride is ridden using single or double tubes. Riders are taken on a journey through Palm trees meandering through exciting bends at a rate of +/ – 3m per second. The Grand Finale involves riders being propelled high onto a wall before exiting into the Dizzy Duzi Adventure Ride.

10. Dizzy Duzi (Adventure Ride)This ride allows you to take a leisurely ride in single or double tubes. Meander down the Dizzy Duzi whilst admiring the scenery of the waterpark, past the Seals, Penguins, Special tunnels and Waterfalls. This ride is 450m long and will last approximately 10 minutes. This ride is ideal for parents with toddlers and/ or older people who would not normally use the faster, more daring rides.

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