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S A Classifieds which was established in 2005 has grown to be one of the best marketing and advertising publishing house in Southern Africa. S A Classifieds is the most featured rich with content online directory It provides all the necessary tools to find any businesses locally, provincially, nationally and Southern Africa . All our classified e listings has Built-in monetization, unlimited custom fields and categories, custom post types plus Google Maps integration are just some of the features available in this advanced directory.


S A Classifieds media house main aim is to revolutionize web based e directory advertising and marketing. We are continually evolving new techniques and ideas to improve our products and services. We only employ the best individuals in our industry and utilize the best resources available, thus creating products that will surpass our competitors . S A Classifieds digital consumers and business services marketplaces bring together buyers and sellers of products and services and enable a sense of communality.


Our Vision is to be the most exciting provider of information, service and experiences. The company sets the stage for the future of print media and online advertising. The vision provides the direction for the development of all products and services provided by our corporation.We provide the most fruitful solutions for advertisers. S A Classifieds employees create true added value through their work.
  S A Classifieds Media house provides its employees with the most interesting work environment, tasks and opportunities for development as well as the best tools for communication as it continues to become more digitized. S A Classifieds media house employees work responsibly in their tasks, which strengthens the good reputation.


Setting the stage for the future of media and online advertising
 S A Classifieds distinguishes itself from its competitors by providing its customers with information, perspectives and practical ideas that stand out from the crowd. Services are renewed together with the customers according to their needs in a way that is daring, quick and practical. S A Classifieds service concepts and designs are phenomenal .S A Classifieds closely monitors and reacts to consumer behaviors and changes in the industry.
The operations of S A Classifieds are being further expanded outside of publications and electronic media. S A Classifieds acts perseveringly and responsibly in the changing world of media.


S A Classifieds is growing the proportion of revenue gained from digital consumer and business services. The company is refining its e directories and publications into multimedia brands and bringing new digital services to the market, also outside the area of publications.


 We strive to be a forerunner in our field by transforming quickly and courageously. Courage also describes our way of working and directing resources to new areas. Our future is in our hands and our brands , but we dare to listen to the perspectives of new customer groups. We also grab hold of new possibilities for business operations beyond publication with an open mind.
We demonstrate courage in our work by devoting ourselves to matters valued by our customers, by highlighting differing viewpoints, by seizing new ideas and facts and bringing them forth to the finish line. Courage also includes providing and receiving constructive feedback both internally and externally from our interest groups. Sometimes mistakes happen, and the only way we can learn from them is to deal with them openly and constructively.