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Gerrie Cronje is the founder and heart of Shepherd’s Field Rehabilitation Centre. Coming from a military background and many years service on the Provincial Substance Abuse Forum in Port Elizabeth he has always felt the calling to help those in need. As ordained pastor and a true follower of The Lord he has made a great impact on the lives of many people caught in the grip of addiction.

His belief that all people, even those that society has rejected because of their addictions, are just as important as those referred to as “normal” in the eyes of society. This is only one example why he is such a special person. He believes in the greater good of all mankind and is a true humanitarian at heart. Giving someone a second chance and not judging any on past mistakes he provides patients with a father-figure that most of them have lacked in their lives. His honesty and commitment to patients, which he also affectionately refer to as his “children”, has seen many a tough guy/girl become the true man/woman they really are.

Also sacrificing so many things for this calling which is Shepherd’s Field, he has contributed immensely towards the recovery of people from all over the country, caught in the grips of drug-addiction. His heart may be small but it’s surely made of solid gold.


The Centre was established in 2000 and has grown into a fully accredited treatment centre.Shepherd’s Field Rehabilitation Centre, offers an effective in-patient treatment program for alcohol and substance abuse dependency, in the Nelson Mandela Bay metro.A qualified team of professionals are involved in the comprehensive treatment program that boasts an exceptionally high success rate.The treatment program offered by Shepherd’s Field Rehabilitation Centre is tailored to the individual need of every patient.  Shepherd’s Field Rehabilitation Centre has become a leader in the treatment of substance abuse addiction

The mission of Shepherd’s Field Rehabilitation Centre that accomplishes this vision is:

  1. To provide specialized rehabilitation treatment services to all people
  2. To provide accessible rehabilitation treatment services to all people
  3. To provide affordable rehabilitation treatment services to all people
  4. To establish and continually develop a balance and effective rehabilitation program that will achieve maximum success.
  5. To enhance the quality of life and restore the self-respect and dignity of persons affected by substance dependency.
  6. To consistently remain on the cutting-edge of knowledge regarding rehabilitation and treatment.
  7. To make available specialized knowledge and services to interested parties.
  8. To affiliate with other bodies that has a similar mission.
  9. To encourage accreditation to governing authorities and consistent compliance with regulations.


Shepherd’s Field Rehabilitation Centre always offers the highest quality service and treatment to patients.

A dynamic and individualized care-plan is developed for every patient, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Patients are not subjected to restrictive time-based programs, but are empowered by progress based advancement through a process of rehabilitation and recovery that culminates in responsible re-integration into society.

Projects and Outreaches is an integral part of the treatment offered at Shepherd’s Field Rehabilitation Centre.

This Projects and Outreach conforms to the Centre’s vision “to stem substance dependency through consistent awareness.”

Patients who have progressed in the treatment program are involved with the projects, under the supervision and guidance of staff and councellors

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